Workshops of Interest to the Platinum/Palladium Printer

Free to Workshops
Two 11X14 UV Light Sources Loaner units ( High Output) are available for use in Platinum/Palladium and other Alternative Processes Workshops, and they can be used Free of Charge.

The units can be reserved by the Workshop Instructor or Sponsor, and they will be responsible for the shipping charges and unpacking and repackaging the units in their returnable shipping crates.  Each light source ships in its own wooden crate and it is returned in the same container.  Both units have their own Gra-Lab timer so all that is required are print frames and chemicals.

My experience with Workshops is that the more UV Light Sources that are available for printing, the more workshop participant's learn about the process.

To reserve any of the units, contact Jon Edwards at

Platinum / Palladium Workshop

A unique opportunity to spend a week learning the Platinum/Palladium Printing Process with one of todays' foremost Palladium Printers, David Michael Kennedy. This workshop is limited to one student at a time who will live and work at David's home/studio just outside of Santa Fe New Mexico. Each day will be spent working with David in his darkroom, where you will make your own enlarged negatives and print your own work. This is a hands-on intensive workshop, designed so that you leave with a good working knowledge of the process and a foundation that will allow you to return home and continue to work within the process.
You must have negatives to work with before you come to New Mexico. David works with enlarged negatives so your original negatives can be any format and you will learn how to make dupe negatives for final contact printing.

The tuition for this workshop is $2500.00 for the 5 days. This includes room and board and transportation to and from the airport. There is an additional lab fee of $325.00-$425.00 The lab fee is $325.00 for Palladium only and $425.00 for Platinum and Palladium.

A portfolio and personal phone conversation with David are required for admission. This is a year round workshop sponsored by The Santa Fe Photographic Workshop, and Hasselblad Cameras.

Interested? Click here to go to David's web site and fill out his form. Be sure to include your name, email address, and phone number, or call David at 505.660.3312.

Dan Burkholder Photography

Dan Burkholder Workshops:

Ansel Adams Gallery Home

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Customized Individual Workshops by Carl Weese, co-author of The New Platinum Print and Contributing Editor to PHOTO Techniques magazine.

Individual photography workshops with Carl Weese are available year-round at Carl's facilities in the Litchfield hills of western Connecticut. Workshops can concentrate on platinum/palladium printing, view camera technique in the field and in the darkroom (including oversize banquet camera work), or the use of pyro developers to create and then print with dual-purpose negatives.  Each workshop is individually tailored to the needs of the student and can run anywhere from a single day to a full week.  For prices and other details or to design a custom workshop, contact Carl at (203) 263-5853, or use Carl Weese's website:

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