Replacement Bulbs

The black light (UV) tubes are rated at 7,500 hours life, while most light bulbs are rated at only 1,000
hours.  You may wish to replace your black light tubes after 2000-3000 hours of use, because there will be
about 12% reduction in intensity at these times.   One year of eight hour work days equals 2080 hours; so
estimating your total "on" time for an average day and the number of days per year you print will give you
a bench mark for when you need to change your tubes.  Two thousand hours would be about 5-10 years
use for most photographers who use their light source once or twice a week.

They are designated as: F15T8/BL preheat  (11X14 and 14X16) or F20T12/BL preheat 18X20 for the standard units. Some lighting supply houses may have them or can order them.

Replacement bulbs are available from Top Bulb contact Cheryl at 1-800-867-2852 ext 8742.

For the High Output Reflector 40 watt and 60 watt Sun Tanning Lamps Imported from Holland contact EEP at 512-267-4274 or by e-mail:
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