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Christopher James

Christopher James is Chair of the Photography Department at The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University.  James is an internationally recognized artist whose photographs and paintings have been published and exhibited extensively, including shows at The Museum of Modern Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and George Eastman House.  James was a Professor at Harvard University from 1978 to 1991 and has lectured and given alternative process workshops throughout the world.


Christopher James brings the art of hand-coated and alternative photography to a new level with his book. The Book of Alternative Photographic Processes will become the new standard text for alternative hand coated photography.  Dick Sullivan, Founder and Co-Owner, Bostick & Sullivan

"The Book of Alternative Photographic Processes" is both landmark and guide. It's where we've been, where we are now, and where we're going. Photography's classic methods and materials are explained, explored, extended, and reinvented, while marching well into the age of inkjet and digital. Judy Seigel, Founder and Editor of The World Journal of Post Factory Photography

For more than 25 years, Christopher James has been on a mission to open photography's eyes to the riches of its own possibilities. This is a book to take into the darkroom -- and to enjoy in the daylight. Lyle Rexer, author of Antiquarian Avant-Garde: The New Wave in Old Process Photography, Harry N. Abrams (2002), columnist on art and photography for The New York Times

Photographic artists and students will welcome this full-color, comprehensive technical resource that explores every aspect of alternative photography.  Written in a highly accessible style, each of the book's chapters introduces the history of a technique, presents an overview of the relevant alternative or non-silver photographic process, reviews its chemistry, and provides practical guidance in how to make it work. Traditional and digital contact negative production are featured—plus an array of processes including cyanotype, Van Dyke, Kallitype, gum bichromate, platinum/palladium, Ziatype, Ambrotype, and hand-applied emulsions.

Features:  Fully explains processes used by historical and modern photographic artists—most of which do not require a darkroom—offering exciting alternatives to traditional methods and opening new doors to creative expression.
  Covers historical, procedural, and interdisciplinary connections from generating hand-made camera negatives to the logical evolution of techniques from the beginning of the photographic arts to digital imaging.
  Emphasis on the image-making process guides the reader to repeatable successes by exposing them to the idiosyncrasies of a wide variety of alternative and interdisciplinary process options. 
  Showcases historical archetypes and "sets the bar" with contemporary images by students and top professionals, including Sally Mann, George Tice, Jayne Hinds Bidaut, Luis Gonzalez Palma, Olivia Parker, Dan Estabrook, Bea Nettles, and the author.
  Features an extensive section on chemical descriptions and safety considerations, making this book accessible and safe for use by the novice and experienced image-maker alike.

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Winner of 2002 Golden Light Book Awards Best Technical Book

Photo-Imaging, A Complete Guide to Alternative Processes, by Jill Enfield 

Her book has received the 2002 Golden Light Book
Awards Best Technical Book Award.  The award is sponsored by The Maine Photographic Workshops, The International Film Workshops and Rockport College. 

A panel of distinguished jurors reviews books and selects those that make a significant contribution to the art and literature of the medium.  Submissions are judged on qualities such as writing, editing, photo reproduction, design and printing, and the contents' overall importance to their perspective mediums.  The Jury, which reviews all entries, is comprised of several renowned photographers, film makers, publishers, writers and editors.

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